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Mediterranean Film Festival Split 2013
25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival 2013

Cast & Crew_
Henry Hančević, Kate Marušić, Lena Raos, Valerija Jurjević, Jelena Lozica, Asja Silić, Morana Viković, Nadija Begović, Redina Filipović, Petra Zlonoga
producers Tomislav Vujić, Ljubo Zdjelarević
director of photography Ivan Slipčević
camera assistant Hrvoje Šandula
editing Miro Manojlović, Tomislav Pavlic
make-up artist Lisa Jericevich
music Hrvoje Radnić
sound design Hrvoje Radnić
colorist Mario Moškon Šarunić

Duration_ 25'



Naked middle-aged man comes out of the sea and starts to climb up steep rocks of a deserted island. Soon he descends to a big empty sandy beach where his wife and six-year old daughter are passing time.
Their mutual inability to communicate (woman refuses to interact with the man, girl is bored playing in the sand...) is being observed by another woman who is fishing in a boat anchored in front of the beach. When tension develops into violence, three members of the family will become two, and finally - at the open sea - only one person remains caught in the trap of its own emotions.

Director's note_
A story about the inability to escape inner emotional traps, presented in the form of subjective memory-impregnated images, where the border between realities is a line drawn/drowned in sea.


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